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EventScripts v2.1.1.338

EventScripts CS:S Public Beta: OrangeBox v2.1.1.338 has been added to our one-click addons.


Changes in the original public beta:

  • CS:S Orange Box support. Tweaks and fixes to ES, sqlite3, playerlib, usermsg, popuplib, repeat, VDFs, etc.
  • Reduced size packages. Separate downloads for Windows and Linux to reduce download size.
  • Startup check for critical ES updates. Added support for the server to automatically check for critical EventScripts versions. You can disable this by adding eventscripts_checkforupdates 0 to your autoexec.cfg. (Thanks to Venjax for coding the ES update server.)

NEW Changes in v2.1.1.338:


  • Major fixes for event handling in Orangebox (due to Valve's ServerCommand() regression)
    • Resolves GunGame crashes with server_cvar events (e.g. sm_nextmap)
    • Resolves GunGame and WCS problems when using custom events
    • Note: You must leave sv_allow_wait_command at its default value of 1. See Known Issues.
  • Fixed es.give(), es.setpos(), es.setang(), es.prop_physics_create(), etc, to execute properly when more than one used per tick
  • Created new versions of and es.dbgmsg to avoid CCommand overrun messages and lost menus
  • Configlib misexecution resolved by es.mexec() rewritten in Python and fixed (Thanks to freddukes and SuperDave)
  • Resolved odd characters and other problems with usermsg in CS:S (Thanks to XE_ManUp)
  • Re-added the EntityProp and other "lost" classes from initial ES2.1
  • es_install extraction issues resolved (Thanks to [NATO]Hunter)
  • mani_basic_auth support has been added in this release.
  • Updated confused help text on many ES commands


  • Includes eXtensible Admin v1.1.0.560 beta with many new features: (Thanks to Errant and the entire XA team!)
  • Added support for cfg/eventscripts_autoexec.cfg which is run early in EventScripts loading (Warning: Use it only for debugging variables-- cannot load scripts)
  • Started highly experimental support for the new ES Shell engine (ESC alpha); eventscripts_shellengine 1 in eventscripts_autoexec.cfg. (Thanks to Chun for coding this project!)
  • es.dbgmsg() now supports messages of any length
  • eventscripts_sourcesdk_level reports a numeric value for the SourceSDK ES is compiled with (1 for episode1, 2 for OB, 3 for l4d)
  • Improved server performance when no Python ticklisteners are loaded
  • Reduced EventScripts startup spam



Customer Server 1

PLAYERS: 0 / 10

Customer Server 2 - Team Fortress 2
PLAYERS: 0 / 24

Customer Server 3

[DS].DELTA-SQUAD - In memory of [DS].Achilles
PLAYERS: 10 / 24

Customer Server 4 - Left 4 Dead 2 Server
PLAYERS: 0 / 4